Roasted Soybeans

  05/07/08 3:32:29 PM

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The roasting process at WI Rapids Grain is  unique and allows for an efficient but quality product to be  available for our customers. 

The process is started with the raw soybeans running into the inlet of the roaster through a conveyor.  The conveyor moves the raw soybeans into the roaster where they lay on a steel mesh-like floor.  Hot air is blown upward on the raw soybeans (see diagram above) and they are carried along by a conveyor through the roaster.  As the soybeans move to the end of the roaster the air blows hulls or other foreign material up into two separate cyclones.  The hulls and foreign material are separated from the roasted soybean by this process assuring a clean final product.  As the roasted soybeans leaves the roaster they enter a steeping bin.  This is a very important and unique process used by our company.  In the steeping bin the roasted soybeans are cooled which allows the final product to reach their optimum bypass  protein levels.  The steeping bin is equipped with rotary discharge which allows for the roasted soybeans to be unloaded from the bottom first to ensure that all of the product is in the steeping bin for the correct amount of time.  After the steeping bin the roasted soybeans are re-elevated where they enter conditioning augers.  In the conditioning augers, steam is blown on the product to finish the roasted soybeans to their optimum fat, protein, and moisture levels.  After the conditioning  augers the final product is elevated into the final storage bins.




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